Hootenanny of Pain (duhbigman) wrote in ont_openmic,
Hootenanny of Pain

Sunday night: $100 Slam (Toronto)

Those of you out there who love the Toronto Poetry Slam should come this weekend to check out the next...

$100 SLAM!

Another one of Toronto's hippest and most exciting spoken-word series. It's a lot like TPS, but smaller and more intimate -- and it pays the winner even more cash.
Hosted by SoulFistikado and Dane Jah Ras. There's also a non-competitive open-mic set for those who want to perform without slamming. So come if you got something to say -- or just want to watch and boo the judges.

Sunday, June 1, 8:00 p.m. (come early to sign up to perform)
The Concord Café, 937 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Suggested donation $5
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