Hootenanny of Pain (duhbigman) wrote in ont_openmic,
Hootenanny of Pain

Friday: Jammin' On the One (Toronto)

Remember that episode of The Cosby Show in which the Huxtables visited Stevie Wonder in his recording studio, and he asked Theo what he was most likely to say at a party, and Theo replied, "Jammin' on the One!", and without even bothering to ask Theo what that even meant or why anyone on the planet would ever say something like that, Stevie went ahead and made a stuttering rap song out of it on his synthesizer?

Well, they named a monthly improv jam after it.

It's Toronto's foremost open improv jam, and it's back on Friday, May 22. This week's show will feature a performance by Tonight at Noon, which is the Bad Dog Theatre's Harold team. This will be followed by an improv session in which anybody in the audience can take part.

Come on out to the Arts and Letters Club, 14 Elm Street (third floor, you have to ring a bell to get in), doors open 7:30 p.m. You will laugh.
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