leftofcool (leftofcool) wrote in ont_openmic,

RenJam - Saturday, June 14th

Hello All;

RenJam returns to Toronto's home of good times, the Renaissance Café (1938 Danforth), on Saturday, June 14th. This time, the theme will be "Don't Judge a Band by its Covers." This doesn't mean it's just a covers night, but if you do a weird, wacky or wonderful cover, by all means bring it on.

As usual, we'll have an open stage/open jam with house band and other random musicians available - collaboration is encouraged, but not mandatory.

The featured act will be The Friendless Youngsters, a band that has disrespected tunes by the likes of Radiohead, David Bowie, The Pixies and more.

Sign up is at 8 pm, and things kick off at 9. You can reserve a place by emailing dominicvon@gmail.com or take your chances on the night.

This should be a wicked night of fun and music-making. We hope to see you there!

Dominic & Sarah

P.S. - Christian, Compass and Johnny of "Two Asians and a Caucasian" have already posted their first video of last month's RenJam on their site. Go to ucway.com to check it out.
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